Thursday, February 2, 2012

TESTING 123.....

It is good idea to test anything not used daily on a normal basis.  I will reference a few related items, but you can use this for anything.

   There are several home safety & security items that you don't regularly use, all of which have the capability of failing due to a lack of maintenance.  Most of these only take a few minutes and not much effort.

1-Smoke Detectors:  Hopefully you will never need to actually use them, but when you do need them, they better work.  We suggest testing all of the detectors in your home once a month. 

2-Locks: A commonly used lock should function for a long time with little maintenance. But, one that is used less often could become sticky due to a lack of use. (dust & dirt floating in the air can stick to the lubrication inside causing them to seize.  I recommend oiling and tightening the screws on all of you locks and hinges twice a year.

3-Alarm:  Most security companies will offer a free service that will allow you to call them and they can check your system remotely for connectivity & low or dead batteries.



  1. That's right. Alarms and smoke detectors can malfunction at times, so it's best to check them regularly. If possible, run some drills. Not only does it make you more prepared and aware during emergency situations, but it can also test your devices if they are working properly.

    Odessa Hanton

  2. If you installed a security system in your home, don’t expect that it will continue to function after a year or months without maintenance. You must inspect and test it periodically, or if you see the need to inspect it. Your property and the life of your loved ones highly rely on these equipment, so make sure that you do not overlook this aspect. +Alexander Landrum