Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Create An Illusion!

Always create an illusion that someone is inside the home.  Most home burglaries occur in the middle of the day when nobody is around, or when a homeowner is out of town for a couple days.  Criminals look for those opportunities.  Below are a couple tips on how to create the illusion that somebody is home, even if they are not.
  Leave a TV on, in the day, an approaching would be thief can hear it and may assume somebody is sitting on the couch with a bag of lays.  At night, the TV will project different lighting in the room that will catch an eye of passing people.
  Postpone your newspaper delivery,  nothing says "nobody home" like a pile of untouched newspapers on the front porch.
  Have a home sitter or neighbor help you with the following:
   They can go in daily and turn on different lights.  One night living room,  kitchen the next. 
   If you have a mailbox on the home, have them collect it for you.  Similar to the newspaper, a mailbox bursting at the seams for several days is a tell tell sign.
   If it is winter, ask them to shovel your walks, or at least make foot prints to and from the door.
   Tell them to park in your driveway or have visitors park there.
Anybody watching the home may notice the activity.


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